Des Moines Tree Removal provides multitude of tree care services, from fertilization to injections, from tree removals to transplanting, we always make sure your tree gets the proper care it needs. No matter how difficult or how large the job is, we assure you we have the manpower and the right equipment to get the job done. 

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Safety is just one reason why tree care is really important. Keeping your tree’s health in check and regular maintenance is a major factor in improving the well-being of a tree. When trees are uncared for, they weaken and can be a huge liability to your property. Not only does it pose as a health risk, it also depreciates your property’s value as well. Not to mention, pest infestation  and diseases that it attracts.


Fertilization and nutrition is not as easy as you might think. You would have to consider when is the right time to fertilize and what type of nutrition the tree needs. You would have to also consider the type of soil you have and how much water does it require. Certified arborists can easily identify these issues in no time. 


If you feel your tree is in need of fertilization, injection or pruning, allow us to assist you. Des Moines Tree Removal offers honest consultation and gives reasonable estimate. Let us work with you and we’ll get your tree or shrub back to its healthy form in no time.

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