A common misconception in the tree care industry is that tree trimming and tree pruning are the same. In a manner, they are somewhat similar as they do apply the same procedure, and that is cutting branches and stems. The purpose however is where the main difference lies. It all depends on the situation which one is suitable.


Our experienced tree professionals handle all scenarios including:

  • sidewalk clearing
  • branch removal
  • driveway clearing
  • fruit tree pruning
  • shrub maintenance
  • tree lopping & tree topping

Please consult with a professional before you make any major modifications through lopping or topping practices. By making inaccurate cuts, you can actually over trim your tree and cause irreparable damage; improper pruning can create wounds that will not allow the branches to maintain healthy growth. ​

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There are many reasons why trees need constant tree trimming or pruning. First and foremost, it preserves a tree’s structural integrity and improves its health. This prevents trees from having weakened limbs or branches that can be hazardous to people and could potentially cause damage to properties. Other important benefits to consider are the aesthetic value it adds to your property, prevention of diseases and pest infestation, and avoiding unnatural or unwanted growth.

Tree Cutting Tips

Difference Between Tree Pruning & Tree Topping / Tree Lopping

Trimming and pruning are two different techniques that both professionals and homeowners do to preserve, maintain and improve the well-being of trees, shrubs and plants. Trimming usually is done to plants, hedges or shrubs for aesthetic reasons. It’s also a way to help the growth.


Pruning on the other hand is applied to trees and shrubs. The reasons however is a little different as this method is performed when the tree has too many weak, dying, or dead limbs. Its main priority is to improve the health of a tree or shrub, and not its beauty. Basically, its purpose is to encourage growth.


While pruning is meant to preserve and encourage a tree’s growth, lopping is usually done to prevent household accidents or injuries. Similar to trimming and pruning, lopping is another technique used to cut branches, but to a much larger scale. 


Lopping is more of a radical method. Pruning is usually done on smaller stems or branches and requires small hand tools. Lopping may require larger tools and even power tools as lopping tends to cut off many limbs and branches. To put it simply, tree lopping is done when branches are seen as hazardous. 

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